Hueston Sailing Association
2019 Ladies Sailing Camp

Jerry Callahan, 513-988-6747 or email
2 Days of Instruction - Thursday, July 18 and Friday, July 19.

Three meals will be provided on Thursday and two on Friday. Activities are scheduled 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

Adult women. Must be able to swim. The number of participants is limited.
Hueston Woods State Park.
Life jacket and Sunfish. If you do not have any of these and can not borrow them, contact the Chairperson.
Primarily geared to beginners and less experienced sailors. Depending on readiness, topics will include:

I. Seamanship
    A. Safety

    B. Self Rescuing

    C. Docking

    D. Boat & Sail Care

    E. Knot Tying

II. Helmsmanship
    A. Wind Direction

    B. Tacking & Jibing

    C. Sail Trim

    D. Steering

III. Basic Sailing Skills
    A. Bearing

    B. Reaching

    C. Running

    D. Body Kinetics

IV. Sailing Rules
    A. Basic Rules

    B. Racing Rules

$70.00 - HSA Members
$95.00 - Non-HSA Members, includes an HSA Associate Membership.

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