Hueston Sailing Association Photo Gallery
Here are a few photos taken of HSA activities around Acton Lake.

The Acton Lake harbor area allows up to nine boats to be launched simultaneously. Acton Lake is about two miles long and covers 625 acres. Park facilities include a lodge, cabins, campground, picnic areas, a beach, meeting rooms, golf course, trails, and an assortment of other facilities.
Every spring, HSA's Y-Flyer Fleet 25 hosts the Redskin Regatta. Boats from all around the Midwest and South join us for the weekend regatta. In recent years, the regatta has included the Sunfish Regatta.

Juniors at sailing camp learn to handle and rig
their boats on the land......

Ladies Camp
....and also on the water, of course!
The Ladies get their chance to sail during Ladies Camp.
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