Hueston Sailing Association
2017 Racing Schedule

Updated 4/20/2017
Date Event Fleets Scheduled Race Committee
April 15 Launch Boats   10:00 AM

April 23

1st Spring Handicap, Hobie, Y-Flyer Jerry Brewster, Jim Mossman
April 30
2nd Spring Handicap, Hobie, Y-Flyer Don Fecher, Joe Fulford
May 7
3rd Spring Handicap, Hobie, Y-Flyer Roger Henthorn, Bobbie Bode, Joe Buchert
May 14

4th Spring

Handicap, Hobie, Y-Flyer Charlie DeArmon, Ryan Servizzi, Michele Elsaesser, Diane Pierok
May 20 Sailing School #1 Day 1 Introduction to Sailing  
May 21

Sailing School #1 Day 2

Introduction to Sailing  
May 28 - 29
Memorial Day Series Handicap, Hobie, Y-Flyer Jerry Callahan, JoAnn Callahan, Brian Callahan, John Shipley
June 3 Learn to Race Held in Sunfish  
June 4
Founders' Day Sunfish Regatta
Sunfish Mike Stratton, Laura Beebe, Rose Schultz
June 11 5th Spring Handicap, Hobie, Y-Flyer Mike Stratton, Brett Hart, Brian Eady
June 18 6th Spring Handicap, Hobie, Y-Flyer Charlie Buchert, Ken Wright
June 24 Sailing School #2 Day 1 Introduction to Sailing  
June 25

Sailing School #2 Day 2

Introduction to Sailing  
July 2 & 4 4th of July Series Handicap, Hobie, Y-Flyer Bill Molleran, Laura Beebe
July 9

Camptown Races Sunfish Regatta

Sunfish Charlie DeArmon, John Cannon, Bobbie Bode
July 10 - 12 Junior Sailing Camp Sunfish  
July 13 - 14 Ladies Sailing Camp Sunfish  
July 16 HSA Club Championship Capri  
July 23 1st Fall Handicap, Hobie, Y-Flyer Roger Henthorn, Bobbie Bode
July 30 2nd Fall Handicap, Hobie, Y-Flyer Jim Mossman, Don Fecher, John Cannon
August 6
Beach Day Handicap, Hobie, Y-Flyer  
August 13 3rd Fall Handicap, Hobie, Y-Flyer Charlie DeArmon, Ken Wright, Charlie Buchert
August 19

Learn to Race Clinic

August 20 Augusto! Sunfish Regatta Sunfish Roger Henthorn, Jerry Brewster, Bobbie Bode
August 27 4th Fall Handicap, Hobie, Y-Flyer Mike Stratton, Brett Hart

September 3 - 4

Labor Day Series Handicap, Hobie, Y-Flyer Pete Peters, Rose Schultz, Chuck Smith, Helen Smith
September 10

Interfleet Championship
(Rain Date for July 16 Regatta)

Handicap, Hobie, Y-Flyer  
September 17 5th Fall Handicap, Hobie, Y-Flyer Joe Buchert, Joe Fulford, Brian Eady 
September 24 6th Fall Handicap, Hobie, Y-Flyer  Mike Weir, Jerry Brewster, Michele Elasesser, Diane Pierok
October 1

OktoberFast Sunfish Regatta

Sunfish Pete Peters, Bill Molleran, Bobbie Bode
October 7
Haul Out
All Fleets  
October 15
Round The Lake Race All Fleets  

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