Training and Education

Hueston Sailing Association offers a premier training event, Junior Sailing Camp.  Further, we are a friendly bunch that want to see new people enter the sport, so many of our members are willing to carry you out on their boat or engage you as a crew member for a time or two to get you started, if you are truly interested. We also offer some special Introduction to Sailing days.

Junior Sailing Camp

Each summer 20 to 25 boys and girls ages 11 through 15 have the opportunity to participate in Junior Sailing Camp. They enjoy instruction on land, followed by practice on the water for three days. They learn how to handle and launch the Sunfish, sail it, and even race versus their fellow campers by the end of the three days. They camp in tents and enjoy meals together. This program has been going for many years and has been the starting point for many great sailors. It is so popular there is usually a waiting list, so it is best to get your name in by March. Participants are encouraged to bring a Sunfish if they have one or can borrow one, but if they do not have one, we can find one for them. For additional information, contact Amy Marks by email. visit online Junior Sailing Camp Program Outline.

Introducton to Sailing

Click on the above to learn about special introduction to sailing days hosted by Hueston Sailing Association. After a brief onshore introduction, you will experience some on-the-water sailing with an HSA member.

Learn To Sail

Want to go further with your sailing experience? We offer one-on-one private lessons for you and/or you and your spouse in the same boat. CLICK THIS LINK here to download a Learn To Sail Registration Form.

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