Why Race Sailboats?
For the thrill of it! For the fun of it! For the competitive flair! To learn sailing at its best!

People sail for a number of reasons. Thousands of years ago, in prehistoric periods and ancient days, sailing was a way to get from one point to another, and it was often also basic to livelihood (i.e. for fishing). With the advent of powered ships in the 19th century, sailing became primarily a recreational pursuit. Today, one might classify recreational sailing into three primary purposes:

If you are a sailor, racing is the way to build your sailing skills the fastest. Even a sailor who has spent several years sailing a cruising vessel will generally learn more about boat handling during a season of racing small boats than they have during the several years of cruising.

Most of us have heard of the America's Cup, or various other ocean racing events. We may also realize that sailing is an Olympic sport. But most sailboat racing is done at sailing clubs on lakes local to the home of the participants…..clubs like Hueston Sailing Association. The world renown skippers almost all started sailing in local clubs, and many of them still do! Many people who cruise or day sail also race, to improve their sailing skills, or just for the fun of it.

It is relatively easy to get started into small boat racing. It is not an expensive sport either. So give it a try! Come sail with us at Hueston Sailing Association.

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